Postponement of Military Chamber’s Awards- Lukewarm response from Govt and Corporate

Dear Military Families and Civilian Friends of the Soldier’s

Military Chamber had proposed to announce awards on Military Veterans Day on 14 Jan 2018 to recognise outstanding achievements of military families in various facets of nation building in various dimension of civil lives.

We had plans to bring Central Govt as master sponsor of the event. The idea was set a new precedence to synergise efforts of military families positively with support of of the govt.

We are sorry to inform members, military families and civilian friends of soldiers that all our efforts to establish contacts with central govt are yielding no results. There is a deafening silence. However our efforts will continue to bring them on board.
It is also sad to note that though many corporate houses like to show soldiers in their advertisements to promote their products on patriotic planks but no worthwhile sponsorship for this events is coming forth.

In view of above, chamber has decided to postpone the event to 15 Aug 2018.

Our efforts to bring govt and major corporate houses to be master sponsor of this event shall continue.

We request members to bear with us and also circulate this development among their peers.


The Military Chamber