Opportuity- Project Oxygen:- EOI Invite to Create a Military Family Logistics & Supply Chain Network

by Ashok
Published: September 25, 2017 (2 years ago)
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National Logistics & Supply Chain Network works as national circulation system of her economy. No nation can survive without it. With development of Good Highways the sector is poised to see good growth.
Many of members of military families are engaged in business related to transport, ware houses and cold storage in an unorganised manner.

The military chamber feels that if we organise sector under one IT based system management and connect it with other national network, thousands of business opportunities and jobs can be created for the military families.

In above backdrop, The Military Chamber has taken a call to create a Military Family Logistics & Supply Chain Network under ‘Project Oxygen’ of Research and Support Cell to connect and create more opportunities for military families and civilian friends of soldiers in following areas:

  •  Warehousing, cold chain and storage
  •  Transportation of men and material domestically and international
  •  Business Booking agents
  •  Business Sales and Promotion Division

Chamber is coming up with certain innovative models where one can work from even home in certain areas.

The above model will create thousands of opportunities  for military families and civilian friends of soldiers.

Chamber is in discussion with some big players in the market to get business sales, promotion and funding support.

The model will create small business plans and also cerate funding and business sales support. The model shall provide and opportunity to military families to select and connect.

The model will also help existing businessmen from military families to expand.

The Military Chamber dreams to create the largest such network in country in 10 years to support govt as well as private sector needs.
The network will help farmers to create stake in supply chain and also be a stake holder in it.

EOI are invited from the members of the military family and civilian friends of soldiers to connect with the proposed network.

Please send same to business@militarychamber.org with your brief profile and contact details. Chamber shall contact you soon.