Pranah The Energy. Spiritual Stress Removal Training

Pranah The Energy. Spiritual Stress Removal Training
Pranah The Energy. Spiritual Stress Removal Training
Retiring from the Armed Forces can be a stressful experience.

Officers are accustomed to positions of Command and vital responsibility. Retirement results in a sudden psychic vaccuum that cannot be easily filled. Whether for braving personal, inner storms or to stay fighting fit for a job in Civilian life, an effective psyche and Emotional Balance is required.

We provide you the Highest Spiritual methods and Training to accomplish this. You become your own Healer.

My respected uncle retired as a Brigadier from the Army 20 years ago, after devoting all his life to the security of our country.

I was 33 years old at that time, and my father and I saw him having an extremely difficult and traumatic time adjusting to civilian life. We saw him suffer the demons of depression, anxiety and loss of self-respect.

Usually, the same demons affect a lot of Retired Officers.

But they refuse to admit that they are having trouble adjusting to our alien civilian life!

Visiting psychologists or having medication or going to a counsellor are below their dignity. They are proud Warriors who have never lost a fight. They don’t go, and continue to suffer in proud silence. What use is getting good civilian jobs if their Souls are in pain? Their happiness bottled up inside?

Can’t retired Army Officers and their wives GAIN POWER over this great stress and lack of command? Learn to handle the strange and new civilian lives comfortably, without stress, without psychologists, without medicines, without drinks? Can every officer in the three branches of our armed forces?

Yes, they can. God has provided us the solutions. The world’s best Spiritual Solutions.

Our Spiritual Videos are on YouTube:

We saw that Praanayaam, Hath Yog and Raj Yog worked, but so does our Spiritual Healing based on thousands of years of inner research by our Sages and Yogis. Its roots can be traced back to the Bhagwan Gita.

This special blend of methodologies of Spiritual Healing is the practical heritage left to us by our ancient Spiritual Masters. It does not require complex meditations and years of practice.

It is fast. It is incredibly effective. It is orderly. It is beyond the imagination! And it is as REAL as the air we breathe!

At Prana:The Energy, we take special workshops based on the Sages’ unique Spiritual research to teach humans how to HEAL THEMSELVES and their environments.

Does it work? Yes. On all their stress-baggage? Yes.

And we can teach each one of our army heroes and wives to do it on themselves with a workshop.

What we’ll get, are ladies and gentlemen of the Forces who get the emotional and psychic power to build FULFILLING lives for themselves! They will learn to SELF-HEAL themselves for their entire lives! At any time, any place.

It can be our civilian way of saying thank you to our protectors, by helping them to become self-sustaining and HAPPY.

Do give it a thought.
Allow us to start this revolution in the lives of our retired warriors and their families who are comfortable with transferring their troubles into God’s hands!

EA-52, f.flr,
Inderpuri, New Delhi.
  • Pranah The Energy. Spiritual Stress Removal Training

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