Provisional Policy; Forming State Regional Chapters/ District Units/ Block Cells

The Military Chamber; takes this privilege to notify all members of the military families who are registered basic guest members of the chamber and who volunteer to convene such functionally independent bodies about the provisional policy of seeding/ forming Regional Chapters/ District Units and Block Cells of the Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Regional state chapters, district units and block cells are functionally independent apolitical professional bodies formed by active members of the chambers to work for personal, intellectual, social and economic care and support of military families. These bodies shall also represent the military families to govt, PSUs and corporate bodies to promote their interests.
  2. Such bodies shall also replicate all functions of the chamber at regional and local levels in accordance of an operation manual prepared as mandated by the management body and central govt.
  3. To start with, such bodies shall be seeded by a managing convener.
  4. The Convener shall be member of military families; Ex Servicemen/ Military Spouse/ Military Children/ Military Dependent and registered verified basic guest members of the chamber and shall opt as volunteer to convene the body
  5. The no of active members required to form Functionally Independent Regional Bodies shall be as under:
    1. Regional State Chapter    –    500
    2. District Units                     –    50
    3. Block Cells                          –    10
  6. Till above numbers are achieved, however adhoc bodies may be formed as under:
    1. Regional State Units       –   50
    2. District Units                   –   5
    3. Block Cells                       –    3
  7. Managing Conveners shall first make an attempt to get 50 members to form an adhoc chapter, form an adhoc organisation and then expand to required numbers as stated above to get a regional/local status.
  8. Membership to chamber for first year is free, however thereafter to get following privileges, members may have to pay annual fee as is the norm in any other chamber:
    1. Special privilege to express his/her choice or cast vote as required.
    2.  Special privilege to be in any leadership role as required and applicable as per prescribed procedure.
    3. Special privilege to represent chamber or any of its body to govt, public or private forum, association, committee or any other body.
    4. Special privileges to get special discounted services as reserved for active members.
    5. Special privileges get first hand consultation and advisory services for career or jobs business or social care or sports or any other applicable services.
    6. Special privileges to get invitations for special networking and other promotional events as reserved for active members and as applicable.
    7. Special privilege to use online promotional tools as applicable.
    8. Special privilege to get listed in business and professional directory of military families.
    9. Special privilege to get considered for award as constituted by the chamber or  chamber recommending names for various other civilian awards (like Padam series) as given by the govt.
    10. Special privilege to get a corporate identity of the chamber with a dedicated e mail address and privilege to use a visiting card or mention it same in business card.
    11. Special privilege to get business services from the chamber being an apex business body like certifications and as authorised by the govt.
    12. Special privileges to get single window services on various govt and private schemes.
    13. Special privilege to be part of various international trade and other business and professional events subject to meeting specified conditions as applicable.
    14. All above privileges, chamber shall build for its members in due course of time as per procedures and policies.
  9. Basic membership without above privileges however shall always remain free. Basic membership shall get you a privileges to get notifications of all general events, programs etc of the chamber with a choice to attend or be part of it as per specified terms and conditions.
  10. The membership fee however shall be decided by chamber in due course in consultation with all members and shall be minimal. The chamber shall work out a model wherein members get more benefits then what they have paid as membership fee.
  11.  Managing convener shall be group admin of respective  groups as created on fauji book of the chamber’s website and shall manage it. All members of his group shall join it. The group shall act as its platform for interaction for members.
  12.  Once numbers of members in chapter reach 500 members, the chapter shall have its own website as created and managed by the chamber. All respective district and block units which have reached specified numbers of the members shall also have a dedicated group in this website.
  13.  Chapter once formed with 500 members, may draft and propose their own operating manuals and shall be executed only once approved by chambers management in accordance of govt mandate. The draft manual shall consist all policies and procedures for chapter and its units and cells to function and shall also include financial and budgeting aspects.
  14. In accordance with approved operation manual, the chapters can manage joint escrow bank accounts with chamber to generate funds and meet local expenses as per approved budget. The accounts shall be audited periodically as per govt and chamber policy.
  15. The chapters can only generate fund for authorised mandated activities once the chapters are formally constituted on reaching mandated number of 500 members.
  16. Adhoc chapters, district units and cell may conduct their own activities, programs and events within the framework of this policy.  Chapters shall accordingly submit an annual plan to Chamber for approval. Once the annual plan is approved, chamber shall conduct 6 monthly review as mandated by law. Chapters, Units and Cells are free to conduct their reviews as required however all such activities shall be reported by chapters to Chamber in Monthly Review report. District units shall accordingly submit monthly review to state chapters cc to chamber. Reporting of cells shall however remain limited to district units.
  17.  Till fully functional regional chapters with 500 members are formed. Adhoc chapter shall not get engaged in any financial transactions and create any legal or contractual liabilities what so ever in any form. Till then all such activities shall be managed by the Chamber.
  18. Chapters/ Units/ Cell shall not cerate any legal or contractual business, legal, financial and other obligations, or risks for the Chamber without due  approval & authorisation.
  19. Managing convener shall also be member of Chamber’s national advisory board till chamber is formally constituted or one year, which ever is earlier.
  20.  As mark of respect, the founding managing convener of the chapter shall have a honor of being a Founding Member of the Chamber and shall be recorded and treated so for his whole life. A Separate body shall be created in due course for such founding members to be always part of chambers advisory process.
  21.  Managing convener shall have their chamber’s e mail id and shall write his position in their chambers visiting card and may interact with state govt, peoples representatives, public and private bodies accordingly. However they shall not use chambers position to promote their own business ignoring the interest of the members.
  22.  Managing convener shall make a sincere attempt to create adhoc chapter with 50 members in first three months and required number of members to constitute a formal chapter in first 1 year or before.
  23. The policy is only in form of guidelines and may be amended with due consultation.


Alumni Mentoring Networks: A Pioneering Initiative

Chamber is providing its members a platform to create various Alumni Mentoring Networks.

These networks create a progressive role in growth of society and business wherein seniors from industry provide mentoring to their juniors.

Unfortunately in case of military families such network are almost non-existent.

Chamber has taken a pioneering initiative to support formation of such alumni network.

Members are invited to join these network. Chamber shall provide support in terms of online discussion forums. supporting events, programs and also awards.

Chamber has formed discussion groups for most possible networks.


Regional Chapters

Chamber is in process of forming independent autonomous regional chapters in each state.

These regional chapters shall work under the mandate of legal and policy framework of the chamber in every state and work for the 360 degree growth of the military families.

Each chapter in due course shall have its respective website and social media discussion group in Faujibook.

The Chapters shall to start with have a managing convener and organize it to create an operation mass. It shall then have a operation manual duly approved by the chamber.

The chapter shall also remain in touch with respective state govts and other state bodies for betterment of the military families

Join PBOR Forum

PBOR form the largest segment of military families and chamber lays special emphasis on their development and progress.

PBOR Forum of Military Chamber  provides an open platform for discussion. Such discussions shall assist in development of more robust policy structures best suited for requirements and interests of PBOR

Forum shall be convened and formed by BPOR themselves and the convener shall be member of Chamber’s advisory board.

Forum of Civilian Friends of Soldiers

As a policy, chamber has a strategy to encourage leaders and professionals from Corporate to join Chamber as friends of soldiers.

The idea is to integrate the efforts of the chamber with the guidance of industry leaders.

The forum provides a platform for members of the military families to discuss issues with the industry leaders and experts.

Forum discussion board can be reached at this Link



Forums of Associations

Association is in process of forming open forums of debate & discussion on key subjects to bring more synergy in support of the efforts of the associations.

These open forums shall be on key subjects like ECHS, Pay, Pensions & allowances, Issues concerning PBOR, Women Commissioned Officers, MNS Officers, AWHO Home Buyers etc

These forums have a social media group in Faujibook and  shall operate under guidance of a convener.


Aerospace & Defence Association

Chamber is pleased to announce that, Aerospace and Defence Association is being convened under leadership of Air Vice Marshal B K Murali, AVSM, VSM; veteran

The Profile of the Air Vice Marshal may be seen at

The website of the Association is under development 

National Associations

Chamber proposes to invite its members to form following national level associations under the mandate of the Chamber as given by the govt.

These associations shall act as independent and autonomous national bodies of The Military Chamber to create business and professional network of collaborative efforts to prosperity and opportunities creation.

These associations shall draft their own manual for the approval of the chamber, organize their respective events, programs, awards, make representation to the govt and various public bodies, create opportunities by national and international tie ups.

Till the main body of associations are formed, these associations shall be managed by respective Managing Conveners. Interests for same are invited from persons of competitive leadership profiles



International Business Network

Chamber of Commerce of Ex Servicemen proposes to create international cell in countries where members of Indian Military Families have settled or working in reasonably good numbers.

In countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle East, Nepal, Bhutan, ASEAN Countries etc good numbers of members of military families reside or studying or working.

Chamber has received interests from few military veterans from these countries to expand the value chain of chamber to go global.

These cells shall work for the mutual benefits of the both countries, expand business network to create opportunities, assist students in studies abroad, assist in job placements and many more.

Interest is invites from such members who are living abroad to form International Network of Military Chamber