Join PBOR Forum

PBOR form the largest segment of military families and chamber lays special emphasis on their development and progress.

PBOR Forum of Military Chamber  provides an open platform for discussion. Such discussions shall assist in development of more robust policy structures best suited for requirements and interests of PBOR

Forum shall be convened and formed by BPOR themselves and the convener shall be member of Chamber’s advisory board.

Forum of Civilian Friends of Soldiers

As a policy, chamber has a strategy to encourage leaders and professionals from Corporate to join Chamber as friends of soldiers.

The idea is to integrate the efforts of the chamber with the guidance of industry leaders.

The forum provides a platform for members of the military families to discuss issues with the industry leaders and experts.

Forum discussion board can be reached at this Link



Forums of Associations

Association is in process of forming open forums of debate & discussion on key subjects to bring more synergy in support of the efforts of the associations.

These open forums shall be on key subjects like ECHS, Pay, Pensions & allowances, Issues concerning PBOR, Women Commissioned Officers, MNS Officers, AWHO Home Buyers etc

These forums have a social media group in Faujibook and  shall operate under guidance of a convener.