Open Multi Vendor E Commerce Portal for Military Families

Do you know? That Military Chamber is working on an open Multi Vendor E Commerce Platform for military families, where they can create their online store at free of cost, display their products and sell online. The portal is also being integrated with  E bay so as to facilitate automatic product display on E Bay to bring more business clients.

The portal is being launched on 2-3 months time but it is open for members of military families to create their shops/ services window. Please create you presence online and create your store/ business shop at Fauj Biz

Powerful Job Search Engine For Military Families Like Trivago?

Do you know HRD Portal of Chamber of Commerce of Ex Servicemen has a very powerful Job Search Engine like Trivago? It searches 50 top jobs portals including military jobs portals to present search research.

To use the portal go to the link  in search engine write details of job rank and place and click search and it gives you best results from top 50 jobs portals. it is single window jobs search engine. No need to go to 50 websites to search the jobs.

Click here for job search.

Job Search Engine

Most Intelligent Resume Builder in India For Military Families

Dear All

The military Chamber brings the most intelligent resume builder in India for military families.

The resume builder is smart and intelligent and helps you build the most the professional resume as per international standards.
The resume builder caters for military persons too.

It has almost 1500 formats and while you build your resume it gives you tips and gives suggestions on how to use power words which make your resume worthy.

The builder also helps you in creating new sections like awards and personal details as per your experience.

Please make use of resume builder at link Intelligent Resume Builder

Please try it or ask your spouse or children to make use of it. It is free.
Please share your experience with us at
Please circulate it to other members of military families