Military Veteran’s Sports League

Dear Military Families and Civilian Friends of Soldiers

With great pleasure it is announced that Col Lokesh Sharma; Veteran, has taken initiative to convene Military Chamber’s Sports League.

The league shall bring all veteran sports persons of military families together and create sports wise mentors groups. It shall also prepare and encourage veteran sports persons to take part in national and international veteran sports events. The league shall also work to bring civilian friends of the soldiers who have interest in sports as part of its activities.

A group of the sports league has been created in Fauji Book. Members can join it on the following link

Col Lokesh Sharma can be contacted on his mob 9584355355 and e mail or

The draft sports policy shall be circulated by the convener in due course.

Military Families & Civilian Friends of Soldiers – Join Military Chamber as Its Member

Membership of the chamber is open for members of the military families and civilian friends of soldiers. Membership to members of friendly foreign militaries and citizens of friendly foreign countries may also be given on case to case basis.

Basic Guest Membership is open right now for eligible persons and is free with certain applicable privileges without voting, nomination and advisory rights

Following paid membership with nomination to leadership/ advisory positions and voting rights shall be open in future with applicable rights and privileges as announced or reviewed time to time:

  1. Active Member: Individual
  2. Active Member: Corporate

Following paid membership with advisory but without voting rights shall be open to civilian friends of soldiers (CFS), PIO, OCIs, NRIs and citizens of the friendly foreign countries (CFFC):

  1. Active Member CFS; Individual
  2. Active Member CFS; Corporate
  3. Active Member (CFFC); Individual
  4. Active Member (CFFC); Corporate

Paid membership on nominal charges shall be available to students to assist them in carrying our surveys, projects and to attend chamber's programs and events

Till paid membership plans are introduced, eligible persons are requested to first register as basic guest members

Following shall be considered as members of Military Families:

  1. Serving and Veterans of Indian Military namely; Army, Navy, Air Force, PMF like Coast Guards, Assam Rifles including SS officers.
  2. Spouses, parents, children, brothers and sisters of above persons.

Following shall be considered as Civilian Friends of Soldiers (CFS)

  1. Serving & Veterans of CAPF or other armed organisations who operate with Indian Military
  2. Any civilian, who is paid out of defence budget including DRDO, Ordinance Factories, MES etc
  3. Current or ex Cadets/ students of NCC, Army, Sainik, Military School and Colleges
  4. Any person who has attended military training for even one day and has been boarded out due to medical reasons
  5. Any other Indian citizen who assist military families in substantial manner

Following shall be considered Citizens of Foreign Friendly Countries (CFFC):

  1. Military persons/veterans or civilians of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet
  2. Military persons/veterans or civilians of any country with whom India has military or security agreement
  3. PIOs/ OCIs/NRIs
  4. Military persons or civilians of countries with whom India carries out joint military exercises or allows them to attend military courses

To become registered guest members fill the details at the link:- Register


Military Familiy Corporate Leadership Club

The Military Chamber is in Process of Forming a Military Family Corporate Leadership Club wherein a honor shall be given to such member to get listed in a special category of chamber’s directory and showcased as such. Such members shall be special invitees to all events of the chamber.

The following members of the military families and members of the chamber’s are eligible to be member of this Club:

  1. All Gallantry Awards (Veer Chakra & Above) Winners irrespective of ranks
  2. Business Promoters with annual turn over of 5 crores and above
  3. Who hold appointments of GM and above in private companies, DGM and above in Public Sector Company and Joint Secretory & Above in Govt
  4. Commissioned Officers those who have commanded military battalions
  5. Junior Commissioned Officers who have held the appointments of Subedar Major and equivalent
  6. National & International Sports Medal winners
  7. Winners of State, National and International Awards of Excellence
  8. Established personalities from the field of art, culture, cinema, music, heath and social care etc
  9. Educationists who have principals/ heads of primary, middle or 10+2  schools, colleges and above
  10. Established authors, journalists etc
  11. Established experts, consultants, advisers & mentors
  12. Any MLA/MP or equivalent
  13. Any other person with established leadership profile on case to case basis

Civilian Friends of the Soldiers who have business above 50 Crores annual turn over or hold designations of VP and above in companies having 100 crores annual turnover shall be invited honorary members of the Military Family Leadership Club

Such members shall also have privilege to bring their spouses, parents, brothers and sisters and children’s to all special events and honors hosted for them.


How to Activate You Account On Regsitration and Make Best Use of Chamber’s Facilities

Dear Guest Member’s

Many questions are being raised by newly registered guest members about how to make best use of Chamber’s Facilities? This post notification tries to summarise it for the benefit of the newly registered members:

Registration Process

1. Member fills registration form online, creates password and submits it.

2. Chamber Admin does backend system verification check to prevent unwanted registration approves guest membership.

3. Members receives Account Activation E Mail.

Account Activation

  1. On receipt of e mail from Chamber Admin, member shall login the account and
  2. Shall go to his profile. Profile link is given here Profile Update & Privacy Setting 
  3. Member shall fill personal, professional and business details and shall upload his or her picture and then set profile privacy as per choice.
  4. Member shall introduce himself or herself on Fauji Book Lobby Activity Page. Link given here Members Activities Lobby – Introduce Yourself)
  5. Please remember unless  you generate activities in Fauji Lobby. Your name will not come in search. So best way is just introduce yourself.

Use of additional key facilities

  1. Member shall list his/her business, services and talent in business directory at this link Business Directory Listing and share listing link in the Fauji Book activities lobby and also in his/her own social media account with the help of given handles.
  2. Chamber shall then include your listing for the first time in the fortnightly news letter being circulated to members.
  3. Members shall also go the group section of Fauji Book with help of this link Fauji Group or from the menu of Fauji Book as given in the website and search his regional chapter ( Like UP, Delhi NCR), Forums, Associations, Alumni Mentoring Groups ( Like NDA) and join them. Membership of these groups in long and medium terms will bring tremendous networking benefits.
  4. Members shall also go to business promotion listing at this link Business Promotion  or use promotion link as given in the menu of the website. Feel the details, upload picture and then circulate it. Listings in business promotions get are specially shown separately and also get included in the newsletter again and again.
  5. Member looking for Jobs or HR Professional looking for talent and wanting to post jobs shall go to HRD network site of the chamber and do so. The link is given here Post Jobs, HRD Programs and Search Jobs . The jobs portal has specifically designed search engine for military families which scans through the top 50 jobs portals of the country and gives you result at one place. HR Professionals those who are willing to get their website listed in search engine are requested to contact us.
  6. Member looking for bulk supply of items in B2B mode or retail mode through E Commerce website are requested to list their store/ shop at Fauji Biz Fauji Biz  . The E Commerce platform is being linked to E Bay to automatically list your products and services there. Those members who already have an E Commerce Shop are invited to integrate it with Fauji Biz for promotion of their business.
  7. Chamber is coming up with an E Learning Platform E Learning  > Members those who are in coaching and tuition or programs business are requested to create their presence once it comes up.
  8. Chamber publishes following e paper daily. Members can read clicking following links
    1. Allakh Niranjan E Paper on good health and spirituality.
    2. Business Intelligence Reporter   E Paper on Business Events and Intelligence
    3. Defence News Mail  E Paper on Defence and Geo- Political News
    4. Fauji Reporter  E Paper on Blogs, Article and Social Media expressions of expert members from Military Families.

And more in offing. It is good to start with above and build it up slowly. We are present everywhere and biggest nation building asset. Positive Networking will synergise our efforts to bring benefits to all.

Please do not forget to keep your account active. Post something at least once in 1-2 week.  Inactive account for longer periods shall be deleted.

Welcome Chamber. Your Virtual Work Place. Your Office for Life.

Military Chamber

What Are The Challenges Faced by Military Families?

Polls: Whart Are The Challenges Faced by Military Families?

What is the bigegst challenge of Military Families?

  • Security of Property and Family? (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Job after retirment? (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Education of children? (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Frequent posting leading to Military Spouse not able to work or do business? (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Lack of a Corporate Identity and Networking in civil leading to isolation of Soldiers post retirement? (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Lack of genuine incentives for Business? (0%, 0 Votes)
  • All of Above (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 0

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Open Multi Vendor E Commerce Portal for Military Families

Do you know? That Military Chamber is working on an open Multi Vendor E Commerce Platform for military families, where they can create their online store at free of cost, display their products and sell online. The portal is also being integrated with  E bay so as to facilitate automatic product display on E Bay to bring more business clients.

The portal is being launched on 2-3 months time but it is open for members of military families to create their shops/ services window. Please create you presence online and create your store/ business shop at Fauj Biz

Happy Independence Day; Let us Network to Gain Economic & Social Care Self Reliance

Dear Military Families

On this day, when India gained freedom, We 10000000 Military Families have taken yet another historic step to lay foundation of yet another milestone of Nation Building Initiative, wherein few pioneers have decided to form and launch ‘Chamber of Commerce of Ex-Servicemen’ under the legal mandate from the govt.

Have you ever thought why only nations with sound military traditions and history are rich?  Why in USA 40% presidents, 8% CEOs are military veterans? Why in Europe 27% of CEOs come from defence background. Why do MNC practice military way of operations management? Why do best of the universities copy military operation management concepts into business management?

Simple because military soldiers are best entrepreneurs and have most competitive way of working.

Why do in India than we feel isolated?

We are not. Look around we are everywhere. DLF is Top 50 Corporate House in the country. Success of Deccan Airways is taught as a leading case in best management colleges. Maj Gen Khanduri laid foundation of NHAI. Col Wahi is  behind success of ONGC. We have Gen VK Singh and Col Rathore as ministers now. Look around in art, cinema,  journalism, writers, farmers, social care ( Anna Hazare), education and any field for that matter. We are every where building the nation.

Soldiers are behind the progress of states like Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra.

Unfortunately contribution of soldiers building the economy and society has not been recognised and felt. It is surely not the job of govt.

In civil society and democracies, each socio -economic segment has to organised it self as a group and created an open platform where they get space to work and progress.

Chamber makes this attempt with support of Govt. We are thankful to present govt for having given us this license to incorporate chamber under section 8. Which is the best institutional framework.

We have an opportunity to prove that it is not only in matters of defence we work as team but when it comes to nation building in socio-economic spectrum we are the best too.

Since last year, the journey has been challenging. Brick by brick we are building.

Chamber takes this opportunity to thanks 162 and so founding registered members for having taken interest at a time when people were not clear about the new concept of chamber for faujis. Slowly the awareness is increasing.

We are thankful to Lt Gen AK Singh ex Governor of A&N, Sqn Leader Kamal Chaudhary (4 times MP), Lt Gen Vinod Bhatia, Air Vice Marshal BK Murali, Maj Gen Nilendra Kumar (Ex JAG), Sh Naveen Jaggi  ( Lawyer SC), Brig Amitabha Ex Chairman UP Ex Servicemen Corporation, Brig Abraham Ex Vice Chancellor, Mrs Anita Matharu a business women and Military Wife, Mrs Supriya Parashar a HR expert and military wife, Mrs Deepa Sharma a business  women and military wife, Seema Singh an educationist and military wife, Col Sanjay Sehgal a disaster management expert and many of you who called us to give encouragement and supported us on social media.

It is not an easy path specially so when we have to create own space in corporate world where on every step there is a stiff competition. But we have best talent and skills the only thing which we lack is networking.

The day we show networking levels of 50000 military families, market research tells us that best of the business houses will chase us with very attractive offers of business and sales. Every member of the military family in jobs or business will get tremendous benefits. That is the critical mass 50000.

Chamber is not an organisation, chamber is not a business entity, chamber is just an open platform to facilitate business and creation of jobs opportunities for all.

One US Brigadier managing US Chamber whom we spoke for guidance, told us “Col if people at air port clap for us it is not without reason, we give them maximum business and we make sure they respect us’.

We are biggest client of Air Lines and Railways and they are so shameless that they have not extended the facility of lounge to us . Forget the clapping. Why? Because there is not chamber to show them business calculations. 🙂 Govts and military HQs can not do it. Such things has to be done by Chamber.

It is pathetic to note that in India in total directors in listed companies representation of military families is not even .01%. Military Personals are best suited to be appointed as indep directors and yet there are no takers. Chamber will change the situation. In Business it is all give and take. Show them your purchasing power. Forget about appointments of independent directors, they will start appointing you as CEOs. 🙂 It is all business.

Most of our soldier are farmers. If a few small policy changes are brought in they can make better use of their lands bringing more income. In democracy only lobbying works. Services HQs can not lobby. It has to be done by the chamber.

When corporate laws were being redrafted, we had projected our demands to corporate ministry like making mandatory of having at least one indep director who is military veteran and bringing expenses on soldiers training and welfare inder CSR. We had submitted 74 demands, but as we were not a chamber that time we could not make an official presentation. We lost out but one demand of CSR inclusion was accepted.

Chambers are recognized bodies by the govt who can not only make representations but also sign certain documents on behalf of govt. Our Chamber is an apex business body and has the mandate to exercise certain govt functions like signing Tatkal Passport Application, Certain Export Import and business documents.

But above will only happen when we network and show the strength of this open networking.  The website platform which chamber has launched is supported by certain smart and intelligent softwares.

  1. It has Facebook type interactive platform where members can create their own profile and groups and show case their business, services and talent.
  2. It has Business Directory where contacts can be made. We are calling it Fauji Pages. It is a very powerful tool to show case our economic power. List your business, your services, your talent, your professional competencies. Let head turn in corporate. OMG they are so many and with so much of eco power.
  3. There is promotion platform which could be used as classified for promotion.
  4.  It has a powerful job portal which is bringing for first time in India an, intelligent resume builder. Which helps you at every step to make a professional resume of international standards. Best part is it carters for military veterans.
  5. We are building an E Commerce platform. It is ready for creating your on line store. Please do that. In 1 month time we shall be providing best logistics support
  6. We are also building an online e learning platform where professionals can showcase their services and earn even from home. This platform is very good for military spouses.
  7. We already have few publications and building it more. Why shall our writers chase other publishers we shall have our own. Let them chase us. 🙂 We may bring amazon an online e book writing smart platform.

Chamber proposes to have a flat organisation with functionally autonomous national associations and regional chapters. It is place where talent is respected.

on 14 Jan 2018 Chamber shall be holding veterans parades and announcing awards for those achievers from military families who have made outstanding contribution in growth in civil. We shall also be honouring civilian friends of the soldiers who support us.

Chamber is in process of forming a nationwide network of HR and Education Counsellors. Almost 550 of them to start with. These people will be trained for 2-3 weeks and then deployed as affiliates at place of their choice. The program has already been published today and it has the backing of best in the industry. Please circulate the word. This network will help our HR professionals and educationalists who are already in business  to help military families in better ways.

Let us join hands. The path is not easy and we have a long way to go. Please encourage your friends, family members, Children’s, people from military schools, sainik schools, NCC, civilian friends of soldiers to join our network.  Let us create our own market space where we influence the deals. It brings benefits to all.

Please make your profile active by posting Indep Day Greetings.

Once again we wish you all a very happy Indep Day.



The Military Chamber.


Chamber Convener

Col Ashok K Singh; Veteran


Operation Management Team

Air Vice Marshal BK Murali, AVSM, VSM, veteran
Managing Convener; Aerospace and Defence Association
Air Marshal is an Aeronautical Engineer with an outstanding leadership profile in areas of maintenance support to air assets of IAF. He has been instrumental in success of many air force projects. He is richly trained and widely travelled across globe.Presently he is the President of Shriprop Aerospace Pvt Ltd; a venture of Shriram Group of Companies.

Air Marshal is convening Aerospace and Defence Association of Military Chamber


E Mail:

Mob: +919663301222

Col Ashok K Singh; Veteran
Managing Convener; Chamber of Commerce
Col Ashok is an Army Veteran with 31 years of leadership profile in various key appointments in army and Corporate.He has been COO of an E Governance project of a listed company and has rich expertise in fields of Business Operations, Partnerships, Contract Managements, Project Funding & HR Management. His corporate journey has passed through reputed companies like Hero Group, DIMTS; a JV SPV of Govt of Delhi and IDFC, Bartronics India and Floriana Group.

He is a blogger and has been publishing online news paper.

He has developed an investment strategy named SIF and has been providing tips and education on the subject.

Presently he is trading commodities and seeding chamber as his passion to transform 10 million Military Families into national asset.


E Mail:

Mob: +919711390413

Managing Convener; HRD Association
Supriya; An Army Wife, brings over 18 years of rich experience working in diverse, global environments in HR functions with various organizations across several industries like Marico, Johnson & Johnson, MWH, TomTom & CBSE.Her key areas of expertise include Education, Communication Enhancement, Personal Transformation, Leadership Development, Feedback, Coaching & Counselling, Corporate Etiquette and Presence, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Service Excellence and Content / Solution Design, Employee Relations, Recruitment, Staffing and Learning & Development. Supriya is an ardent advocate of skill development and entrepreneurship.

She is actively engaged in talent development and transformation of military families and veterans and has been managing “SKILLSTER Employability Solutions LLP”.

Being the Ex-Military Talent Inclusion Strategist and Expert, Supriya is on her mission to sensitize and help Corporate India create Veteran Recruitment Programs.

Supriya is actively involved in various forums like Maratha Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA) Pune, NASSCOM, Women Wave, Army Placement Cell and Maharashtra Ex-Servicemen Corporation.


E Mail:


Brig Amitabha
Managing Convener Regional Chapter UP
Brigadier Amitabha is war veteran of 71 and Kargil wars and has an impeccable leadership career in Indian Army and corporate. He has expertise in strategy formulation and organisation & HR development and training.Brigadier is an ex Managing Director of an UP Corporation, UP State Sainik Kalyan Board and Ex CEO of Sahara India Medical Institute. He has also worked as resident director of PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry and has been member on UP Tax Advisory Board and 12 working groups of Govt of UP. He has been a special invitee to State Bankers Committee. He is an active member of United Services Institutes (USI), Delhi , Lucknow Management Association (LMA) and Indian Industries Association.

Brigadier Amitabha is advising chamber on organisation development and strategy formulation. He is also convening UP Chapter of the Chamber.


E Mail:

Mob: +919532285786

Seema Singh
Managing Convener; Chamber of Commerce of Ex Servicemen
Seema is an educationist and army wife.She has been teaching for twenty years plus in Delhi Public School and other schools of repute and had a deep insight in school education and children grooming.

She has actively participated in army family welfare and other regt activities to bring meaningful value additions.

She is now actively involved in transformation programs for military families and is partner in seeding chamber with an objective to convert military families into wealth creators.


E Mail:

Contact; 01204908544

About Us

‘Chamber of Commerce of Ex Servicemen’ by law is an APEX BUSINESS BODY and ‘Not For Profit’ entity incorporated under section 8 of Indian Companies Act 2013 under the license as given by Govt of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Chamber of Commerce of Ex-Servicemen works among military families for their 360 degree growth in personal, social, intellectual, entrepreneurial and economic dimensions. Almost ten million military families in India are rich pool of talent and entrepreneurship, which the Military Chamber of Commerce intends to leverage to fuel progress.


To facilitate, assist, promote and support personal, intellectual, social , entrepreneurial and economic growth of military families.


  • Create business support & promotion network
  • Facilitate business research
  • Create education & human resource development support system
  • Facilitate soldiers to civilian transformation & soldier’s skill up-gradation programs
  • Promote programs for education, coaching and training
  • Promote military spouse & dependents work support services
  • Facilitate generation of business and employment opportunities and placement assistance programs
  • Create support network for health & social Care
  • Promote sports
  • Facilitate research and publications
  • Organise events and recognize achievements.
  • Facilitate formation of professional associations, forums and chapters
  • Provide networking channels with other national and international entities.
  • Assist govt and other public institutions in policy formulations and promote govt programs
  • Encourage international trade and business
  • Provide document certifications to its members as per law
  • Associate with govt schemes and other business/ professional national and international bodies to bring associated benefits to its members
Operation Management

Chamber by law being an Apex Business Body’ (like FICCI) and ‘Not For Profit’ entity proposes to operate through various autonomous national associations, national forums, regional chapters, advisory boards and foreign cells formed by active members of the chamber within the legal, policy and financial framework as mandated by Chamber Management Board. Chamber is in state of start up and membership drive is in progress to create mass to form all such autonomous bodies to bring real value of collective wisdom and wealth.

For all operation and management activities of above subject bodies and entities, the infrastructure and operation management services support is provided by the chamber.


Eminent leaders from the Industry and society shall advice Chamber

Brigadier (Dr) V D Abraham; Veteran
Brigadier Abraham is a gallantry award decorated Ex Indian Army EME officer and is an reputed educationist & academician. He is ex Vice Chancellor of an University and presently a director of a reputed education institute.

Brigadier is on the panel of expert committees of two universities. He has published 55 papers and has many technical innovations including in army to his credit. For his contribution in fields of education, he has been awarded ‘Bharat Mata Award’ and ‘Excellence in Education Award’.

Brigadier (Dr) V D Abraham has been in Indian Team in Antarctica, where he worked on satellite based navigation system. He is presently advising chamber on structuring strategies on delivery of quality education to members of the military families.