Military Families & Civilian Friends of Soldiers – Join Military Chamber as Its Member

Membership of the chamber is open for members of the military families and civilian friends of soldiers. Membership to members of friendly foreign militaries and citizens of friendly foreign countries may also be given on case to case basis.

Basic Guest Membership is open right now for eligible persons and is free with certain applicable privileges without voting, nomination and advisory rights

Following paid membership with nomination to leadership/ advisory positions and voting rights shall be open in future with applicable rights and privileges as announced or reviewed time to time:

  1. Active Member: Individual
  2. Active Member: Corporate

Following paid membership with advisory but without voting rights shall be open to civilian friends of soldiers (CFS), PIO, OCIs, NRIs and citizens of the friendly foreign countries (CFFC):

  1. Active Member CFS; Individual
  2. Active Member CFS; Corporate
  3. Active Member (CFFC); Individual
  4. Active Member (CFFC); Corporate

Paid membership on nominal charges shall be available to students to assist them in carrying our surveys, projects and to attend chamber's programs and events

Till paid membership plans are introduced, eligible persons are requested to first register as basic guest members

Following shall be considered as members of Military Families:

  1. Serving and Veterans of Indian Military namely; Army, Navy, Air Force, PMF like Coast Guards, Assam Rifles including SS officers.
  2. Spouses, parents, children, brothers and sisters of above persons.

Following shall be considered as Civilian Friends of Soldiers (CFS)

  1. Serving & Veterans of CAPF or other armed organisations who operate with Indian Military
  2. Any civilian, who is paid out of defence budget including DRDO, Ordinance Factories, MES etc
  3. Current or ex Cadets/ students of NCC, Army, Sainik, Military School and Colleges
  4. Any person who has attended military training for even one day and has been boarded out due to medical reasons
  5. Any other Indian citizen who assist military families in substantial manner

Following shall be considered Citizens of Foreign Friendly Countries (CFFC):

  1. Military persons/veterans or civilians of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet
  2. Military persons/veterans or civilians of any country with whom India has military or security agreement
  3. PIOs/ OCIs/NRIs
  4. Military persons or civilians of countries with whom India carries out joint military exercises or allows them to attend military courses

To become registered guest members fill the details at the link:- Register


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