Why shall I join The Military Chamber?

Why shall I retire or worry? The question of joining chamber is directly related to this question. Why shall I retire or worry about future of myself or my family?

Chamber presents a platform for members of military families for not to retire or worry but network to live your passions.

Let us see how the business networks in the country work? Every business segment in the country since ancient times have had their own guilds or Chambers to network and collaborate. You have FCCI, ASOCHAM and almost 750 and more such chambers for various business segments where their members network, collaborate, learn, assist, associate, partner and lobby with govt to protect their territories. Their chamber provide them corporate brand as Apex Business Body. It is a simple rule. The collective wisdom and wealth is networked for creating a strong support system. Govts, international and national bodies listen to chambers.

Military families are present in each and every business segment and yet  we lack corporate credentials? Bets of the business schools in the world evolve management concepts based on military concepts of management of resources and operations and yet we find that we are lost in the civil world. We struggle to get our children good education, admissions, assist our spouses in jobs, we lose out on heavy corporate discounts which are offered behind the screens and worst we carry no corporate brand to negotiate on position of strength. Result we lose on every front.

Govts have limitations and that is the reason in most countries such chambers for military families operate to give them an institutional support in corporate world.

We live in an open market economy. Studies have proved that military soldiers have best entrepreneurs skills and yet we lose out as we lack a corporate brand under which we can connect and wire our powers into a mega power house.

To fill that gap, a initiative has been taken to provide to create a Chamber as an institution  as Not For Profit entity under Section 8. The chamber has been formed under license from ministry of corporate affairs.

How will it work? Just connect. Be part of it. Be its members and use it various interphases to create our own market space. When you network under a single brand of chamber, it creates visibility, it create a market, it create credit credentials. All these are so critical in open market economy.

We are 10000000 families in the country. We are one of the biggest market in the country. we just to have to claim it.

It will increase your power of bargain, it will cerate power of business, it will create power of alignment. You will not feel lost out. We are here with our own strength where we can bargain.

Chamber works on the concept of various interest based autonomous bodies. The military chamber provide legal mandate and policy framework to you to form your own associations, forums, chapters and alumni network of mentorships.

Cost of creating this power is negligible ad returns are huge. It make good sense for us to realize that power of prosperity and progress in corporate world which is within us.

Let us connect. Let us Join. Let us collaborate. Let us discuss. Let us train. Let us associate. Let us partner. Let us create opportunities for self and our families. We are not helpless. We have power within us. Just ignite the power of network under the chamber.








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